[RDD] VU meters

Gavin Stephens gstephens at orcon.net.nz
Mon Nov 26 09:50:29 EST 2007

Just some food for thought on audio levels and the audio import and cd rip
import process in RD.

To including some background of audio distribution here (New Zealand) with
some radio companies;

A major national advertising agency here, one parituclar radio network and
our IRN news service via FTP download  use somewhere very close to a
standard in house level setup of 1KHz sine wave = 0VU (on consoles)
 = -20dBFS (on digital recorders) for their material. So hypercompressed
material is about -15dBFS and more dynamic material and news files up to
about -6dBFS (with headroom left over from recording from consoles with VU

I use this same internal audio reference.

To make the process of setting levels when importing audio easier in RD, it
would be hugely handy if RD was to sport meters that optionally follow true
VU characteristics or at least allow for an audio level preview in the CD
ripper and import screen coupled with a sliding level control to set where
the user wants the applied amplification amount (down or up) to be set to
before importing. Rather than just specifing a fixed peak digital audio
level amount.

I use external metering for final level setting, but being able to quickly
preview and adjust that level before commiting to the import process would
be extra curly.

Just an idea,


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