[RDD] ALSA - no sound but meters work

Gavin Stephens gstephens at orcon.net.nz
Sun Nov 18 06:12:48 EST 2007

> On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 07:47 +0900, Kira Mead wrote:
> > On the weekend I did a fresh Rivendell install on Suse 10.0.  I have
> > configured ALSA, and set sound card 0 in rdadmin.  In rdairplay the
> > work and the timer counts down, but no sound.   The soundcard is an old
> > onboard ensonique, and the normal computer sound works OK. I've fiddled
> > the mixer, but still no sound.  Have I missed something obvious?
> Make sure you have turned off any desktop audio system before starting
> the rivendell daemons, been there, done that.
> Suse menu -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Sound system then uncheck the
> enable sound system check box. This will disable sound for KDE apps
> leaving the card free for rivendell.
> You will want to kill caed ripcd & rdcatchd after making that change.
> Also ensure that you are using the correct port on card 0 (probably card
> 0 port 0) for every playback.
> Rivendell will quite happily 'play' to a port that is not actually
> connected to any external hardware (Done that too).
> Regards, Dan.

That's handy advice. I was wondering how to get rid of the system sounds

Is there anything that can speed up the starting of wav file playback? So
it's closer to the speed of clicking the mouse. Or does faster starting
audio require an ASI card?


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