[RDD] ALSA - no sound but meters work

Dan Mills dmills at exponent.myzen.co.uk
Sun Nov 18 18:00:39 EST 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 07:47 +0900, Kira Mead wrote:
> On the weekend I did a fresh Rivendell install on Suse 10.0.  I have 
> configured ALSA, and set sound card 0 in rdadmin.  In rdairplay the meters 
> work and the timer counts down, but no sound.   The soundcard is an old 
> onboard ensonique, and the normal computer sound works OK. I've fiddled with 
> the mixer, but still no sound.  Have I missed something obvious?

Make sure you have turned off any desktop audio system before starting
the rivendell daemons, been there, done that. 

Suse menu -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Sound system then uncheck the
enable sound system check box. This will disable sound for KDE apps
leaving the card free for rivendell.
You will want to kill caed ripcd & rdcatchd after making that change.

Also ensure that you are using the correct port on card 0 (probably card
0 port 0) for every playback. 

Rivendell will quite happily 'play' to a port that is not actually
connected to any external hardware (Done that too).

Regards, Dan.

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