[RDD] sending serial out - delays

Gavin Stephens gstephens at orcon.net.nz
Sat Nov 17 07:42:43 EST 2007

Okay so far no go.

I've got one Rivendell box sending serial outputs, but I can't get the
second Rivendell box to listen and act.

I'm using a macro cart on the first Rivendell box to "SO serial0 TEST!" and
on the second Rivendell box I'm using a macro cart "SI serial0 900002

I make sure the macro cart on the second box to insert a serial trap has
been fired off in RDAirPlay. Then I go and fire the serial out cart on the
first Rivendell PC.

But, the second Rivendell PC does nothing. I thought that's all I had to do
to get it listening on a serial port and respond to the TEST string to start
a cart?

The serial ports are definately going. As I can attach a modem to the serial
ports and SO some strings out it that make the modems TX/RX lights flick
away with DTR on. I'm using a working null modem cable between the PC's so
now I'm stumped.

I can't find much information on using GPI and GPO generic serial setups. I
thought perhaps this does the same thing in a more clear fashion or less
delayed executing from within RDAirPlay.

Or am I expecting the serial port in Rivendell to do something it's not
sopose to?

Thanks for any ideas of where I'm going wrong.


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> Thanks for the reply Robert.
> My thoughts are live programming in mind rather than voice tracked.
> Otherwise you're quite right, It would certainly be easier to run two
> different programmes from a PC for each.
> With live programming in mind, I thought it would have been rather good to
> just have a second PC replacing the ID's bound for the other TX, perhaps
> even using RDCatch instead of RDAirPlay on the second PC.
> I mentioned the option of programming provided for another studio as I'd
> like to see Rivendell eventually be used to replace ID's bound for
> programming to another station aswell with their legal ID's instead.
> The other solution I've thought of is creating a second worth of silence
> the start of the ID on the main Rivendell programme PC. Then I'd just have
> near the end of the hour, a short promo cold voiced, then fire a cart
> containing a serial output marcro to switch audio off to the second PC,
> another serial string to tell RDCatch to start on the other PC, followed
> a 1/2 second audio cart before it moves on to the next item. This gives
> enough time for a serial command to start the second Rivendell box to run
> it's ID. I don't like padding things out with silent carts though.
> I thought I'd ask though about the serial out delays with large logs and
> timing issues of starting the next song before sending the serial string
> since I don't know Rivendell that well (I've only been playing with it for
> week or so in my spare time) in the hope I'm missing something. This is
> perhaps how Rivendell just handles non audio events in the log so they
> aren't in sync or waited for by the audio engine.
> Unless the GPIO generic serial side of RDAdmin is for this purpose, to
> handle macro carts for this more time critically?
> Thanks,
> Gavin.
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> > I guess I can't see why you aren't just using the whole day's log from
> > the main station with the other station's ids inserted. The easiest
> > way to do that would be to use the same computer using a multi output
> > soundcard and one of the auxiliary logs. Though doing it on another
> > machine would be doable as well.
> > Hope that helps,
> > Robert
> >
> > On Nov 6, 2007 3:42 PM, Gavin Stephens <gstephens at orcon.net.nz> wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > > Firstly, thanks guys for the time in giving this a quick read.
> > >
> > > Secondly thank you to those who have already read my other emails and
> sent
> > > me replies. I've learnt a lot from the few who have more than kindly
> shown
> > > time to reply to my emails and your time spent replying is very
> appreciated.
> > >
> > > I've managed to get the serial ouput going in Rivendell in the hope I
> can
> > > use a second Rivendell PC for replacing ID's to either 1 another
> or
> > > 2 a different LPFM transmitter. When I mean LPFM in New Zealand I
> mean
> > > 100W USA LPFM stations, 0.5W 25KM range license free LPFM over here.
> > >
> > > The thing I'm trying to figure out though, is that if I load a log of
> > > entire days music with a macro cart timed to start next each hour with
> > > 'play' transition (so as to wait for all audio to stop before
> executing),
> > > how it's possible to make a serial string get out the serial port
> > > than the next song starting in RDAirPlay?
> > >
> > > This is what I'd like to do. Rivendell PC1 each hour waits until song
> > > finishes, sends serial out to start Rivendell PC2. Rivendell PC2 plays
> > > legal ID and Rivendell PC1 plays it's own legal ID. Then it's back to
> > > Rivendell PC1's usual programme.
> > >
> > > Here's where I'm having a slight problem. If I only have the macro
> on
> > > Rivendell PC1 with an SO line in it loaded in RDAirPlay with only a
> > > other audio items in the log, the execution of the macro cart seems
> quite
> > > fast and the data gets out the serial port pretty fast aswell.
> if I
> > > have a long log loaded (a days worth) the next audio item in the log
> starts
> > > before the macro cart with a serial output gets the chance to send the
> data
> > > out the serial port of the PC. I think the serial output is being held
> back
> > > while RDAirPlay refreshes the log or something to that effect.
> > >
> > > Is there any better way to known for sure that any macro carts with
> serial
> > > outs will execute in order of it's placement in the log, or make sure
> that
> > > serial out macro carts get data out the serial port before continuing
> with
> > > the next cart?
> > >
> > > Thanks for any ideas.
> > >
> > > Gavin.
> > >
> > >
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