[RDD] RDLibrary cart report generation

Stefan Gabriel stg at st-gabriel.de
Fri Nov 16 04:47:15 EST 2007


this feature is not present at the moment, I am afraid. At the moment the
only chance to get such a report is to use a mysql-tool or a database
frontend to generate it. I will care about it soon. But I can not promise
that it will be part of 1.0.


2007/11/16, Duncan J Pim <annie.dunc at xtra.co.nz>:
> In rdlibrary is it possible to generate a cart report to list just the
> carts with a particular scheduler code allocated to them.
> Say we want to generate a report listing the carts in our music library
> which have the 'Gospel' scheduler code allocated to them ... in rdlibrary
> we select the Group to 'Music', (our music carts are stored in the cart
> group 'Music'), we then select the Scheduler Code to 'Gospel' and check
> the
> 'Show Audio Carts' box - at this point we have listed in the rdlibrary
> screen all our Gospel carts.
> If we then select 'Reports'  then 'Cart Report'  then 'Generate' we get a
> listing of all the carts in the cart group 'Music' in the report window.
> How do we convince the Cart Report to list just carts with a particular
> scheduler code, (in this case carts with the code 'Gospel').
> Any help appreciated ...                        Duncan.
> SuSE 10.2 / rd 0.9.81
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