[RDD] RDLibrary cart report generation

Duncan J Pim annie.dunc at xtra.co.nz
Fri Nov 16 03:45:24 EST 2007

In rdlibrary is it possible to generate a cart report to list just the 
carts with a particular scheduler code allocated to them.

Say we want to generate a report listing the carts in our music library 
which have the 'Gospel' scheduler code allocated to them ... in rdlibrary 
we select the Group to 'Music', (our music carts are stored in the cart 
group 'Music'), we then select the Scheduler Code to 'Gospel' and check the 
'Show Audio Carts' box - at this point we have listed in the rdlibrary 
screen all our Gospel carts.

If we then select 'Reports'  then 'Cart Report'  then 'Generate' we get a 
listing of all the carts in the cart group 'Music' in the report window.

How do we convince the Cart Report to list just carts with a particular 
scheduler code, (in this case carts with the code 'Gospel').

Any help appreciated ...			Duncan.

SuSE 10.2 / rd 0.9.81

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