[RDD] Empty logs

Stefan Gabriel stg at st-gabriel.de
Mon Nov 12 15:25:54 EST 2007


it is a bad idea to use different versions with the same database. I do 
not know if your problem can be resolved. When you use 0.9.81 the 
database is updated - also all logs etc.
But when you use an older version, some data is stored in the database 
that has an outdated (incomplete) format. But you have no chance to 
bring it up to date as your database version has already been incremented.


Tomas Grover schrieb:
> Hello,
> We are  facing problems again.
> =(
> We have in our network 3 differents version of Rivendell, 9.79, 9.80 
> and 9.81 - two of them have patches applied for mp3+ogg patch (9.79) 
> and ogg patch (9.81). Our main problem is that all log generated from 
> the workstation w/ rivendell version 9.79 and 9.80 load as a empty log 
> in the workstations with 9.81 w/ Ogg patch.
> We idea is upgrade all workstation, but we are afraid to lose all log 
> already made it. Therefore, we want some help to solve this problem.
> I guess it could be some DB problem again.
> Thank you,
> Tomas Grover
> Radio UFSCar - Brazil
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