[RDD] Empty logs

Tomas Grover tomas.grover at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 15:20:16 EST 2007


We are  facing problems again.
We have in our network 3 differents version of Rivendell, 9.79, 9.80 and
9.81 - two of them have patches applied for mp3+ogg patch (9.79) and ogg
patch (9.81). Our main problem is that all log generated from the
workstation w/ rivendell version 9.79 and 9.80 load as a empty log in the
workstations with 9.81 w/ Ogg patch.
We idea is upgrade all workstation, but we are afraid to lose all log
already made it. Therefore, we want some help to solve this problem.
I guess it could be some DB problem again.

Thank you,

Tomas Grover
Radio UFSCar - Brazil
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