[RDD] Timed record problems

Michael Barnes mbarnes at srnradio.com
Mon Nov 12 08:25:37 EST 2007

I'm confused (what's new?).

I have a timed recording that has been running fine for nearly a year.
Then I get a complaint that the same program is being repeated.

First,I look in RDCatch.  Everything looks good.  Here is an excerpt
from the rdcatch log.

11/11/2007 - 20:06:00.008 : record started: deck: 1, event: 673 card: 0,
stream: 0, cut: rdcatchd-record-673 length: 66

11/11/2007 - 20:17:00.171 : record complete: cut 100376_001
11/11/2007 - 20:17:00.261 : started import of
/var/snd/rdcatchd-record-673.wav to cut 100376_001, id=673
11/11/2007 - 20:17:16.267 : deleted file /var/snd/rdcatchd-record-673.wav
11/11/2007 - 20:17:16.305 : finished import of
/var/snd/rdcatchd-record-673.wav to cut 100376_001, id=673

It all looks normal to me and appears the recording went properly.

But, when I look at the audio file I see

-rw-rw-r--  1 salem users 126850776 2007-10-14 20:17 /var/snd/100376_001.wav

In listening to the audio, I find it is indeed the program from 10/14,
not the latest 11/11 show.  It does this for all fifteen recorded
segments of the show.  Up until 10/14 it was working fine.  Everything
else recorded is fine, it is only that program that is messed up.
Nothing has been changed.

Any idea on how everything can show a recording was made correctly, yet
the audio file is not changed?


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