[RDD] sending serial out - delays

Gavin Stephens gstephens at orcon.net.nz
Sun Nov 11 08:23:17 EST 2007

Thanks for the reply Robert.

My thoughts are live programming in mind rather than voice tracked.

Otherwise you're quite right, It would certainly be easier to run two
different programmes from a PC for each.

With live programming in mind, I thought it would have been rather good to
just have a second PC replacing the ID's bound for the other TX, perhaps
even using RDCatch instead of RDAirPlay on the second PC.

I mentioned the option of programming provided for another studio as I'd
like to see Rivendell eventually be used to replace ID's bound for streamed
programming to another station aswell with their legal ID's instead.

The other solution I've thought of is creating a second worth of silence at
the start of the ID on the main Rivendell programme PC. Then I'd just have
near the end of the hour, a short promo cold voiced, then fire a cart
containing a serial output marcro to switch audio off to the second PC,
another serial string to tell RDCatch to start on the other PC, followed by
a 1/2 second audio cart before it moves on to the next item. This gives
enough time for a serial command to start the second Rivendell box to run
it's ID. I don't like padding things out with silent carts though.

I thought I'd ask though about the serial out delays with large logs and
timing issues of starting the next song before sending the serial string
since I don't know Rivendell that well (I've only been playing with it for a
week or so in my spare time) in the hope I'm missing something. This is
perhaps how Rivendell just handles non audio events in the log so they
aren't in sync or waited for by the audio engine.

Unless the GPIO generic serial side of RDAdmin is for this purpose, to
handle macro carts for this more time critically?


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> I guess I can't see why you aren't just using the whole day's log from
> the main station with the other station's ids inserted. The easiest
> way to do that would be to use the same computer using a multi output
> soundcard and one of the auxiliary logs. Though doing it on another
> machine would be doable as well.
> Hope that helps,
> Robert
> On Nov 6, 2007 3:42 PM, Gavin Stephens <gstephens at orcon.net.nz> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Firstly, thanks guys for the time in giving this a quick read.
> >
> > Secondly thank you to those who have already read my other emails and
> > me replies. I've learnt a lot from the few who have more than kindly
> > time to reply to my emails and your time spent replying is very
> >
> > I've managed to get the serial ouput going in Rivendell in the hope I
> > use a second Rivendell PC for replacing ID's to either 1 another studio,
> > 2 a different LPFM transmitter. When I mean LPFM in New Zealand I don't
> > 100W USA LPFM stations, 0.5W 25KM range license free LPFM over here.
> >
> > The thing I'm trying to figure out though, is that if I load a log of an
> > entire days music with a macro cart timed to start next each hour with a
> > 'play' transition (so as to wait for all audio to stop before
> > how it's possible to make a serial string get out the serial port faster
> > than the next song starting in RDAirPlay?
> >
> > This is what I'd like to do. Rivendell PC1 each hour waits until song
> > finishes, sends serial out to start Rivendell PC2. Rivendell PC2 plays a
> > legal ID and Rivendell PC1 plays it's own legal ID. Then it's back to
> > Rivendell PC1's usual programme.
> >
> > Here's where I'm having a slight problem. If I only have the macro cart
> > Rivendell PC1 with an SO line in it loaded in RDAirPlay with only a few
> > other audio items in the log, the execution of the macro cart seems
> > fast and the data gets out the serial port pretty fast aswell. However,
if I
> > have a long log loaded (a days worth) the next audio item in the log
> > before the macro cart with a serial output gets the chance to send the
> > out the serial port of the PC. I think the serial output is being held
> > while RDAirPlay refreshes the log or something to that effect.
> >
> > Is there any better way to known for sure that any macro carts with
> > outs will execute in order of it's placement in the log, or make sure
> > serial out macro carts get data out the serial port before continuing
> > the next cart?
> >
> > Thanks for any ideas.
> >
> > Gavin.
> >
> >
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