[RDD] how to update rivendell ?

Gavin Stephens gstephens at orcon.net.nz
Sat Nov 10 05:40:11 EST 2007

I think I had that error when I first tried to install 82-1. 

I think all I had to do was install rivendell before installing the importers rpm.

I could be mistaken.


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  dears all

  i want to update rivendell from rivendell-0.9.81-1 and rivendell-importers-0.9.81-1
  to rivendell-importers-0.9.82-1.i586.rpm and rivendell-0.9.82-1.i586.rpm,
  but when i try 
  # rpm -Uvh rivendell-importers-0.9.82-1.i586.rpm rivendell-0.9.82-1.i586.rpm
  and i found this message
  error: Failed dependencies:
          librd-0.9.82.so is needed by rivendell-importers-0.9.82-1.i586
  where i can get librd-0.9.82 ????


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