[RDD] Generic Audio Cards?

Gavin Stephens gstephens at orcon.net.nz
Thu Nov 8 15:00:18 EST 2007

This is an old message from August but it sparked my interest about configuring Rivendell for .wav rather than .mp3 use. Is there a tweak for those using uncomrpessed .wav's with Rivendell and generic audio cards, or was this message about something else to do with compressed acm type wav's etc...

>I'm not at my Rivendell box, but in a nutshell you need to go into 
>rdadmin and make sure you've got the outputs set correctly and also make 
>sure that you're configured to use .wav, not .mp3.  Both those things 
>have bit people in the past.  You need an audioscience card to do .mp3 
>but Rivendell works just fine with stock cards.  Just uses a bit more 
>disk space.

>Sorry I can't be more specific - you might check the archives too; it's 
>been covered there before...

>Kevin Miller
>Juneau, Alaska
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