[RDD] Sorry slightly off-topic

Dan Mills dmills at exponent.myzen.co.uk
Sat Nov 3 21:15:09 EDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-11-04 at 00:47 +0000, Gareth Lapworth wrote:
> Hi All,
> WRT Backing up your database, I would suggest automating it with a
> simple script instead of copying the /var/lib/mysql directories.  If you
> take a copy of the raw database files, you can risk corrupting them.
> It's far more efficient to use the mysqldump command and makes importing
> and exporting far less complex.
> ---
> /bin/db_backup.sh
> --
> #!/bin/sh
> MyDate='/bin/date +%m-%d-%y'
> MyLocation='/var/rd_sql_backups'
> /usr/bin/mysqldump --opt --all-databases -u root -p YOURPASSWORDHERE >
> "$MyLocation"/db-`$MyDate`.sql

Rd actually has this capability built right in (and it does as of about
2 hours back work when the DB is called something other then

Assuming rduser has Lock Tables privilege (Fred, how would you feel
about granting this to rduser for the rivendell db when we create the
initial database?), and that the db server has sufficient available file
handles then each host on the network can be setup to take its own
backup of the db onto its local disk every day and to keep them for a
programmable length of time. 

Rdadmin->manage_hosts->backups to configure this. 

Obviously rdadmin also has direct backup and restore buttons (which
should also now work with dbs named other then Rivendell), for when you
need a backup NOW. 

Regards, Dan.

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