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Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Fri Nov 2 06:09:50 EDT 2007

On Thursday 01 November 2007 09:26, Gavin Stephens wrote:
> Here's a question, is all the library information on carts etc... all
> stored in that database path aswell? 

Yes, *everything* in RD (with the exception of the actual .wav files and 
'/etc/rd.conf') lives in the database.

> If not I've lost it, if so, would the 
> best option for me be to find and download mysql 5.0.26 to match the
> database folder it orginally came from in SUSE 10.2, or is there a way I
> can somehow import the 5.0.26 database in to mysql

Basically, anything in that '/var/lib/mysql/' directory should be treated as 
'private' to MySQL --i.e. it's a 'black box' as far as the rest of the world 
is concerned.  While it may be possible to safely copy that data directly 
between certain versions of MySQL, that really is a question of the internal 
implementation of those MySQL versions.  Such questions would be better 
directed to one of the MySQL support fora.

The 'officially supported' way to get data into/out of those files is through 
MySQL itself, by means of the 'Backup Database' and 'Restore Database' 
functions in RDAdmin.  Those data backups are simply SQL dumps of the 
database structure and contents, and as such are designed to be portable 
between different MySQL versions.


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