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Gavin Stephens gstephens at orcon.net.nz
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Okay I made a bit of a mistake.

I downgraded to openSUSE 10.0, runs a little quicker which is good. What's not good, is I never thought about just replacing the /var/lib/mysql/rivendell database folder in an older SUSE which comes with an older mysql server.

Here's a question, is all the library information on carts etc... all stored in that database path aswell? If not I've lost it, if so, would the best option for me be to find and download mysql 5.0.26 to match the database folder it orginally came from in SUSE 10.2, or is there a way I can somehow import the 5.0.26 database in to mysql

I only had about 230 tracks loaded in but I don't fancy doing it again if I can avoid it.


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  A little off topic.

  But is SUSE 10.2 a lot slower than the 9.2 version?

  I still can't get over how slow it runs compared with win2k on the same P4 1.6GHz machine. 

  So I'm wondering if the earlier version of SUSE is much quicker?

  I like the fast speed that the slax demo cd runs with Rivendell, it's like using Win2K on the same machine. However, compared with suse 10.2 off hard disk running it it's a little painful.

  Perhaps the DVD version of SUSE loads on just to much junk?

  Also is the backup utility via RDAdmin working? Everytime I try to backup the database, I get the sql backup file but it just returns a page and half of SQL looking code and a file about a few KB's. I'd like to reinstall everything again but I fear I might have to re-database everything. Unless I just backup all the folders to do with SQL.



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