[RDD] Make Next - Aux Log

Bill Smith hbco2 at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 24 13:19:36 EDT 2007

Testing the insertion of ID carts from the Aux 1 Log into the Main Log.

Here is a combination which resulted in dead air:

     09:50:59    8:10    Play    070057    Slow Ride
TO09:51:00    5:04    Play    071249    In the Mood             (Skipped)
TO09:54:00    3:38    Play    070726    Rock and Roll        (Skipped)
     09:59:10      .05    Play    002006    KSRH Id
TO09:57:00    6:21   Play    070003    El Payo                    (Skipped)
     10:00:00    2:33    Play    070683    Taxman
    10:02:34     4:26    Play    071093    Me and Bobby McGee

At the completion of the cart Slow Ride, the KSRH Id played, then the
RDAirplay screen appeared to freeze (meter bar showed fragments) with no
audio.  The count down clock continued to operate and at 10:00, the log
started again with Taxman.  There was dead air between the end of the ID and
the start of Taxman.  I did not look at the interval clock.


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