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Bill Smith hbco2 at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 24 07:08:15 EDT 2007

Once again, please disregard.  The problem is resolved.

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Subject: [RDD] Make Next - Aux Log

> A cart marked "Make Next" in a log loaded in the Aux 1 log used to be
> inserted into the main playlist at the time specified in the Aux 1 log.
> Now, the cart is not loaded into the main playlist (the list on the left
> side of RDAirplay) but plays immediately at the time specified even if
> another cart is playing in the main playlist.
> Is this expected behavior?
> The intent of setting two logs is to use a music log in the main list with
> no timing.  The log in Aux1 log would be timed with a series of ID carts,
> each marked "Make Next" and timed three minutes before the hour and 1/2
> hour.   Just before each 1/2 hour, an ID cart could then be inserted in
> main log to provide ID.
> Of course this could be done by inserting an ID event in a clock, but
> prefer the option to leave the main log untimed.  The reason is a number
> chained logs play in RDAirplay in a continuous sequence.
> Bill
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