[RDD] Distortion: the plot thickens

Rob Landry 41001140 at interpring.com
Wed May 23 00:23:25 EDT 2007

I decided not to try Jack; I just replaced the cound card, upgraded to the 
current Rivendell .rpms, and ran the machine on my desk for 4 days. It ran 
perfectly on my desk, so I assumed the problem must have been the sound 
card. This morning I took the machine back to the station and put it back 
on the air.

Just now, while building an identical machine for another station, I vnc'd 
to the other machine to check some of its settings in rdadmin. I noticed 
that I had the IP address set wrong under "Manage hosts", so I changed it. 
I wasn't sure the setting would take without restarting Rivendell, so I 
quit rdairplay, su'd to root, and executed /etc/init.d/rivendell stop and 
then /etc/init.d/rivendell start.

When I restarted rdairplay, I found the level of the audio coming from the 
machine had dropped about 15 dB! I checked alsamixer, but it showed the 
master and pcm levels set exactly where I had left them.

Not sure what to do now, I quit rdairplay once again, su'd to root, and 
rebooted the machine. When rdairplay started again the level was still 
ridiculously low. And then... the distortion came back!

Restarting the Rivendell daemons got rid of the distortion, but my audio 
level is still low.

The distortion (and, in all likelihood, the level problem) seems to be 
connected to caed and ALSA. But isn't my caed the same as your caed? Isn't 
my ALSA the same as your ALSA? Yet y'all don't seem to have any problem.

One final test: I shut down the Rivendell daemons, launched xmms, and 
played the same file that Rivendell had just played. The level was still 
low, but fading the xmms volume control down and up brought it back up.

Restarting the daemons made the level go down again, so I launched xmms 
while rdairplay was running and tried moving the xmms volume control. It 
behaved like a dirty potentiometer, causing the level to crackle up 
and down. Eventually I managed to get the level back up, but in the words 
of C3PO, this asteroid is not entirely stable.

Am I looking at a SuSE 10.2 bug? Should I downgrade to 10.0? What version 
of ALSA do y'all run?


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