[RDD] short feature with music/sponsorship

KRPI Radio techstuff at krpiradio.com
Mon May 21 19:43:26 EDT 2007

Stefan Gabriel wrote:
> Hello,
> I have implemented the OVERLAP transition type. It is available as a
> patch, here:
> http://rivendell-programmer.googlegroups.com/web/overlap.diff
> Could someone please help me testing it?

I've been running tests with this against the CVS as of this morning. It 
seems to work great. My test log looked like this:

    * intro music (I edited the file with Audacity to there is a fade to
      "bed level" then a complete fade out at the end. I put the
      start/end Segue markers at the beginning and end of the bed level
    * sponsor (Overlap transition)
    * variable length news (Overlap transition. Start Segue mark set to
      4 seconds prior to the end.)
    * outro music (Edited with Audacity so there is bed level music for
      4 seconds then it fades up to normal levels. Overlap transition.)

In this case, the intro music plays and then the sponsor and news cast 
play over the intro music. Just before the news cast ends, the outro 
music start underneath and fades up to full volume as the news cart 
ends. The "trick" to this setup is properly editing the music carts 
prior to importing them into RD since after that you are "stuck" with 
the fades. However, I like the new transition!

Along the way, I discovered something strange. I was able to use the Cut 
Gain to DECREASE a cuts volume but INCREASE did not work when played 
back in RDAirPlay regardless of the transition type that I used. The 
increase could only be noticed within RDLibrary.


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