[RDD] Confusticate and bebother this distortion

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> Subject: Re: [RDD] Confusticate and bebother this distortion

now THAT was funny

Thanks Rob, that will make me laugh for quite awhile

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> On Fri, 18 May 2007, Stephen McCracken wrote:
> > Have you checked hardware & audio connections just to rule that out?
> Today I went to the site, retrieved the machine, and brought 
> it home. It's running on the desk in front of me and sounds 
> fine. I'm hoping between now and Tuesday (when I'm scheduled 
> to go back) to root out the cause of the problem.
> Steps I'm considering include: swapping the sound card with 
> an identical one in my home computer, upgrading to the latest 
> Rivendell .rpms, and setting the system up to use Jack 
> instead of ALSA.
> Can anyone think of anything else I might try?
> Rob
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