[RDD] That damned distortion is back

Michael Barnes mbarnes at srnradio.com
Fri May 18 07:56:55 EDT 2007

>From where or how did you upload the music that it took 15 hours to
upload 1.8 GB?  I can't think of anything but dial-up that would be that
slow.  If it was over any kind of network and took that long, you have
some serious problems someplace.


Rob Landry told me on 05/17/2007 11:40 PM:
> On Thu, 17 May 2007, Cowboy wrote:
>> Basic troubleshooting asks what changed ? Was ANYTHING added,
>> subtracted, modified, between the time it worked, and when you first
>> noticed the problem ?
> The sound card was changed three weeks ago when the original M-Audio USB
> interface stopped working. I put in a Digigram card since that was what
> I had on hand. There were no reports of a problem until two days ago;
> after it was reported to me I turned on realtime, which is what I'd been
> advised to do when I heard the problem last week on another system I was
> bench-testing. The problem went away at that point, but it came back
> this afternoon.
> I did upload about 1.8 gigabytes of music files to the system beginning
> last night. The files took about 15 hours to upload (at about 40 kbytes
> per second) and the last one finished just two hours before someone
> called to report the distortion problem. But why should uploading music
> at 40kb/sec cause distortion?
> Rob

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