[RDD] short feature with music/sponsorship

Stefan Gabriel stg at st-gabriel.de
Tue May 15 14:43:03 EDT 2007

2007/5/15, KRPI Radio <techstuff at krpiradio.com>:
> Thank you, Stefan, for the idea. I never would have thought about using
> a second machine to do this. However, the feature does vary in length
> and I *do* want to automate importing the feature (if possible).
> However, I'll keep your email in my archives for possible future use.
> It looks like my best route will be my original plan of creating a
> separate open/close music cart with the proper fades "hard coded."

It will not work without the voice tracker. Even if you do not use the
voice tracker to set the fades: If you just set segue markers to cat
an schedule them in the main log (wit rdlogmanager or rdlogedit) the
the playing cut will beginn to *fade out* at the segue start point!

If you want to automate this in rivendell, you have only the chance to
create an extra log and set custom transitions with voice tracker to
avoid this fade.


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