[RDD] short feature with music/sponsorship

Stefan Gabriel stg at st-gabriel.de
Tue May 15 08:05:43 EDT 2007

Hello Andy,

You can implement this with the voice tracker (with the cvs version,
your are working with)

Make a log with

1. start bed
2. voice track
3. voice track
4. stop bed

>    1. music plays are full volume for 5 seconds then fades a bit but
>       continues to play
>    2. sponsorship info plays over the music then there is a brief pause
>    3. feature program starts and music fades out completely after a few
>       seconds
>    4. music slowly fades in a few seconds before the feature ends and
>       plays at a low level
>    5. music rises to full volume after feature ends and plays for a few
>       seconds before fading out

Import the sposorship information into first voice track (with the
brief pause at the end of the cut - turn autotrim off for this)

move the voice track over the bed to start at the right time.

import feature into second voice track

set the end of the start bed, using the right mouse menu over the beds waveform.

use the rubber band of the bed to set volumes. Left marker sets the
point where fade starts and sets the duck volume (the volume after the
1. voicetrack starts).

Set the starting point of the ending bed. set the fade and the ducking volume.

It would be best to make a macro cart to load this log into an aux
machine and start the machine. At the end of the feature log you must
then add anonther macro to start the main machine, again.

Here are 2 screenshots:


When the feature is allways of the same length, you can use rdcatch to
import it automatically. When the length differs, you have to edit the
segue of the ending bed manualy, at the moment (but I am preparing an
addition to rdimport for another station.With that, this case could
also be handled completely automated).

Another note on this: I use two voice tracks, because it is easier to
arrange beds when 3 tracks are displayed/played. I think there is no
real reason, why there are only 2 tracks displayed when editing segues
without an voice track involved - so i think I will change this in the
near future.


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