[RDD] short feature with music/sponsorship

KRPI Radio techstuff at krpiradio.com
Mon May 14 19:10:22 EDT 2007

Everyday we download an 8 minute feature program to which we add music 
and sponsorship information then output the result to mini-disk for 
on-air use. I think Rivendell can make this process a whole lot less 
time consuming by combining all the elements when the feature airs. 
However, I'm unsure how to best implement this.

This how the segment runs:

   1. music plays are full volume for 5 seconds then fades a bit but
      continues to play
   2. sponsorship info plays over the music then there is a brief pause
   3. feature program starts and music fades out completely after a few
   4. music slowly fades in a few seconds before the feature ends and
      plays at a low level
   5. music rises to full volume after feature ends and plays for a few
      seconds before fading out

My question is about how to handle the music fades. Can Rivendell do 
something like that? Or do I need to use Audacity to create separate 
"music in" and "music out" carts with the appropriate fades and add the 
appropriate transition marks for each cart?



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