[RDD] RDAirplay additions

Cowboy curt at gwis.com
Thu May 10 09:08:47 EDT 2007

On Thursday 10 May 2007 08:52 am, Stefan Gabriel wrote:

> you would programm the keys to send unused key combinations like
> Ctrl-Shift-A.... With a tool like xkeybindings you could translate
> this code into rml macros.

 One of the things often over-looked in X-window systems, is the ability to
 program key bindings.
 Remembering that the left and right meta keys are NOT the same as they
 are in Windows, the six meta keys times the rest of the keyboard results
 in thousands of combinations possible.
 Of course, one would probably not wish to give the operators such
 esoteric combinations as right-shift, left-ctl, left-alt, right-alt, F6 combinations.

 Although it can be done, they'll run out of understanding before they
 run out of fingers !



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