[RDD] RDAirplay additions

Stefan Gabriel stg at st-gabriel.de
Wed May 9 18:45:32 EDT 2007

2007/5/10, KRPI Radio <techstuff at krpiradio.com>:
> Stefan Gabriel wrote:
> >> * At the moment the filter phrase must be matched exactly. I have
> >> > changed this to an AND logic. It then works like everybody is used to
> >> > from Google etc.
> >> > For example "Beatles Help" would lead to an empty list with the old
> >> > filter. With the new filter it would result in
> >> > Title: "With a little Help from my friends" Artist: "Beatles"
> >>
> >> Is this a user configurable option (i.e. old vs new search algorithm)?
> >>
> > It is not user configurable because this would need a database change.
> What if in the "Select Cart" dialog box had a drop down box called
> "Search Type" with the options of "word" or "phrase"?

That' a good idea but a a little bit more work to code. At the moment
I have changed only the part, that generats a database query from a
sting. This funtion is called whenever a filter is needed. The drop
down box must be added to every filter dialog. But this could bee done
without any problems, of course. Let's see what others say about this.


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