[RDD] FCC license application

Erik Anderson subscribed at hardwaremonkey.com
Tue May 8 11:46:41 EDT 2007

Are you talking about the upcoming NCE application or something else? I 
have done many applications for our LP and translator, and have debated 
exactly what you are saying: pay for the engineering work and do your 
paperwork yourself given that their is no guarantee about the station or 
the timing. I am anticipating it will take 4-5 years to process the 
applications, and quite honestly, many towers will not be available at 
that time and will require modifications to the CP!

Advice: Always, always, always, look at the filings of other stations 
that have been approved that are in a similar situation to you. Use 
their application as a "second-check" against your own work.

David Earl Smith wrote:
> I know am asking an off-topic question, but there is quite a wealth of
> knowledge collected on this list, so I'm going to risk it.  We're applying
> for a new FM license here.  I was wondering if anybody here has tips
> and/or recommendations on how to go about crossing all the I's and dotting
> all the T's.  There are a lot of questions - especially in the engineering
> sections - that are over the heads of all of our staff.  We've been burned
> by local contractors in the past, and I'd be worried about conflict of
> interest with other local stations with them anyway.  What is the best way
> to tackle this problem?  Does anyone have interesting stories of how this
> problem has been handled (or mishandled) before?
> -- David
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