[RDD] FCC license application

David Earl Smith des28 at NAU.EDU
Tue May 8 00:01:28 EDT 2007

I know am asking an off-topic question, but there is quite a wealth of
knowledge collected on this list, so I'm going to risk it.  We're applying
for a new FM license here.  I was wondering if anybody here has tips
and/or recommendations on how to go about crossing all the I's and dotting
all the T's.  There are a lot of questions - especially in the engineering
sections - that are over the heads of all of our staff.  We've been burned
by local contractors in the past, and I'd be worried about conflict of
interest with other local stations with them anyway.  What is the best way
to tackle this problem?  Does anyone have interesting stories of how this
problem has been handled (or mishandled) before?

-- David

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