[RDD] Mystery cart additions

Michael Barnes mbarnes at srnradio.com
Tue May 1 08:50:25 EDT 2007

We had a situation last night where a cart was mysteriously added to the
log.  We play cart 401008 that is scheduled as a hard timed, stop
transition to air at xx:28:00 and xx:51:00.  The log is a static one
that is the same and plays every weekday Tuesday-Friday.  It simply
chains to itself and has been working fine.

This morning I received a complaint that cart 401008 played at another
time, covering a live news broadcast.  In looking at the loaded log, I
see cart 401008 listed as a play transition at 05:32:07, which would be
the end of the sounder cart that started at 05:31:45.

Has anyone experienced such behavior? That of a cart randomly being
relisted later in the log?

Is there any way to track changes made to a log once it has been loaded
into RDAirplay?  It would be nice to see when something like this could
have happened.

Thanks for any thoughts,

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