[RDD] Using RD Windows Apps over SSH Tunnel?

Andrew (1550 AM) techstuff at krpiradio.com
Wed Jul 18 17:17:32 EDT 2007

I have the RD Windows apps installed on an XP PC. I want to set it up to 
be able to edit logs from any location with Internet access. I've 
created an SSH tunnel from XP to the network where the MySQL server is 
located and forwarded port 3306 to that server. My rd.ini is like this:

    Password=<secure password>


When I run a Windows app, I get an error about not being able to connect 
to the MySQL server. If I do 'telnet 3306' I get output from 
MySQL. I don't have any trouble when I configure the rd.ini to connect 
to a local server. Am I missing something?



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