[Mailman] Now & next -and rdadmin Backups

Ivan James ijames at jamcorbroadcast.com
Fri Feb 17 10:44:15 EST 2017

1. Now and next Issue RV2.5.5 I can't seem to set up now and next. I and 
trying to get now and next to send data out I have configure it 
according to data that I found In wiki and in Threads and its not 
working. to this project well ill be feeding Stream to internet encoder 
and also a RDBS Encoder.
Does someone have a step by step guide on configuration guide.

2. We also recently develop another issue pertaining to making backups 
on RDadmin. We get the error Unable to create backup.
I  also have a couple of questions Would it be possible to use 
Phpmyadmin to look at the database and make backups. A friend suggested 
to use Mysql ODBC connector. I Think PHPMyadmin would be more practical.

3 we also notice that Centos made the partition that The OS is at Quite 
Small.I need to know if te music is stored in the same partition or in 
another partition. Iam thinking have anothe server so we can do 


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